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Lands at the Truro Power Centre are effectively managed to benefit progressive and creative development.

Saltscapes Restaurant


Sobeys Gas





Super 8 Motel
85 Treaty Trail Truro/Millbrook, NS B6L 1W3

Leisure Days
45 Treaty Trail Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 5A9

Empire Theatres


Arctic Charr






Glooscap Annex


Tim Hortons


Glooscap Heritage Centre


Truro Power Centre - Welcome

A Decade of Growth

The Truro Power Centre encompasses acres of premium fully serviced and easily accessible commercial land on the most traveled stretch of highway outside metropolitan Halifax, Nova Scotia. The business park has a track record as a site for business success. Since development began in 2000 the initial 46 acres of the Truro Power Centre have been crafted into a hub for retail, recreational and leisure focused businesses with more than $30,000,000 worth of investment currently on site. *


Building on success, Millbrook has completed the second phase of the park's development. This phase saw an additional nine hectares are being cleared for roads, water and sewer at a cost of $ 4.5 million. A total of 32 hectares along Highway 102 is allocated for lease and development in the power centre's business plan. Twelve hectares were developed and leased as part of phase one. With phase two completed, another 11 hectares to the south will remain as part of phase three.


"The model for the Power Center is to attract businesses who want to partner with us for long-term sustainability. We work with them to structure a jointly beneficial arrangement at the outset...and then let the company focus on running the operation--to do what they have expertise in doing."
- Lawrence Paul, Millbrook First Nation
Strategically located on the busiest stretch of highway in Nova Scotia outside the metropolitan Halifax area. More than 22,000 vehicles per day move past the Truro Power Centre along Highway 102.